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Come and join us in our 850 square-mile wilderness, where you can enjoy sights and sounds of nature that are unparalleled. Be our guests in enjoying the best that nature has to offer. Situated in the forests of Northern New Hampshire, Snowfield Cabins is the ideal location for both a relaxing and back-to-nature getaway. With numerous lakes, ponds, and streams for fishing and boating; plenty of game for hunting; and a variety of trails for snowmobiling and ATV's; and of course our most popular sport, Moose Watching, your quest for outdoor excitement will be satisfied. Snowfield Cabins is situated on a ridge with a spectacular view of Magalloway Mountain and the Crystal Range. If you are searching for an isolated spot to escape from the hectic pace of the real world, look no further, this is the place for you.

Magalloway Mountain


View of the Crystal Range

Summer view of Snowfield Cabins

Front of hotel; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Snowfield Cabins
RR1 Box 94B Covill Rd..Pittsburg, NH 03592 Phone: (603) 538-7008 or E-Mail:

Winter at Snowfield Cabins
View of Lake Francis
Early Spring at Snowfield Cabins

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